Time management to improve your performance.

“Good Time Management is finding time for everything, always establishing beforehand what is a priority and beneficial for you.” 

In today’s world, the desire to maximize productivity and organization knows no bounds. From individuals to entrepreneurs and businesses, everyone is looking for tools to help them achieve their goals more efficiently.

If you find yourself immersed in this search, you’re in the right place. Here are some apps that can transform both your work and personal life, helping you optimize every aspect of your day-to-day life.

These eight time management tools will improve your performance.

With these tools you can improve your work and stop procrastinating.

1. HOOTSUITE   It is an indispensable and specialized tool in the management of social networks for any company. A platform that manages and saves time spent on these social platforms. Thus posts are scheduled and even performs a monitoring and analysis to know if the decisions made are the right ones, if there is any deviation and how they are being perceived by the public. It is ideal for small and large companies that have a significant or unlimited number of profiles on the networks, so employees do not need to constantly intervene or interrupt the tasks they are performing. 

Who is it for? Professionals in all industries use Hootsuite to manage their social networks. It’s a good choice for those working in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare*, finance and higher education. Hootsuite measures hundreds of social media metrics across the most popular networks. Track your performance on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

2. SESAME  It is a time management system for companies of any size that does not require any installation, you only need an iPad or a Tablet to start enjoying the advantages of Sesame Time. A tool that adapts to the current work context and allows employees to perform their own time management and organize tasks. This makes innovative management possible, with flexible schedules, but with supervision. It is possible to analyze the productivity per employee, per department, or of the entire company with the statistics it generates. It facilitates the work and analysis of the human resources department.

Who is it for? Sesame HR adapts to any company. It is a great ally for CEOs, managers and HR professionals, who find a great solution to simplify their processes and save a great deal of time that can be dedicated to empowering their teams.

3. EVERNOTE  Achieving productivity is a great satisfaction at a professional level. This note-taking application will be a tool that will boost your efficiency to unsuspected levels. What features does it have? It integrates illustrations, voice recordings, highlights, image captions and PDF annotations into a single secure space that helps you stay organized during the workday. Why you should have it: It allows you to forget about multiple screens and paper notes.

Who is it for? Evernote is a popular application that helps consumers and businesses increase productivity by creating digital notes from text, web pages, photos, voice memos and handwritten notes.

4. TIMECAMP It is a time tracking solution that also offers a whole range of features for task and project management. Thanks to TimeCamp’s intuitive interface, tracking the progress of projects and tasks is effortless: you can add and assign groups or people to the task, set estimated hours and rates, and provide any other details you may need. Tasks can be set up as billable or non-billable, as well as add multiple notes. The calendar function allows you to view tasks by day, week or month. You can also structure tasks and their subtasks in a hierarchy, establishing dependencies.

Who is it for? TimeCamp is a tool for managers and organizations looking for an all-in-one time tracking and billing management application, as well as an employee productivity tracking software that integrates with project management tools.

5. TICKSPOT  If you have a larger than normal project, Tick is the software to use. It is a project-based time tracking software that tracks time against the project’s estimated schedule and budget. 

Who is it for? TickSpot is a solution for freelancers, small businesses and startups working on recurring tasks and projects. With Tick, users can track the time they need for certain projects and use their previous deadlines to create bids for new clients.

6. HARVEST  It is both a time tracking application and an expense tracking tool that allows you to monitor the time you spend on each project or individual task. It collects data and creates intuitive, visual reports that make it easy for you to see what your team has been working on and make smart business decisions.

Who is it for? Harvest not only keeps track of how time is spent, but also keeps invoices and revenue flow in one place. Thus, this application will combine time tracking applications and expense tracking software for freelancers and startups.

7. TIMELY Unlike the other options on this list, Timely stands out as being as seamless an automatic time tracking software as one can imagine because it records everything at all times: GPS locations, emails, meetings, documents and websites.

Who is it for? Timely is ideal for individuals and small to large companies that focus on projects and only need accurate, billable hours. It can also come in handy if you’re the type of person or group of team members who can’t remember what was done that day and want to easily find the information that was entered to bill your client.

8. TERAMIND It is a powerful employee monitoring tool that will be especially useful if your company works with sensitive documents or data. It offers the most stringent monitoring features of all the time tracking applications we have compared on this list, including live recording of your employees’ computer screens, access to their webcams, keystroke logging and much more.

Who is it for?  TERAMIND, is best suited for large companies with many employees to monitor or businesses that require stricter monitoring of their teams’ work, especially if it involves confidential information whose possible leakage could be damaging.

With all these tools, we don’t have the slightest excuse to optimize our work time or personal life.
Regardless of the application or software you use, if you are thinking of improving your time management or being more productive, this post could be your best ally.
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